Cost of moving home

Moving home, even moving locally, can be expensive
The two most common methods people use to move home are:

  •  doing it yourself; and
  •  hiring a removal firm

Find out more about both options below - and what help could be available to help with the costs.

Doing it yourself
Arranging the move yourself can often be the cheapest method if:

  •  you aren’t moving far;
  •  you don’t have a lot of furniture or belongings;
  •  you have your own transport, have access to transport or can rent a van; and
  •  you have people who are willing to help.   

How much will it cost?
That can vary depending on whether:

  •  you have your own transport;
  •  you need to hire a van which either you, a friend or relative can drive; and
  •  you need to hire a van and driver.

The cost of van hire can vary depending on which company you choose and the size of van.

For example the cost of daily van hire, excluding driver: 

Size of van

Small van (would fit two-seater couch)
£40 - £145 per day

Transit van
£70 - £175 per day

Large van
£84 - £230 per day

Most van rental companies have restrictions on the minimum age of people who can hire a vehicle, ranging from 22 – 25 years. You will need to check your driver’s license to make sure the person can legally drive the hired van.

You will also need to pay the cost of fuel.

Using a removal company
The cost of using a removal company depends on the size of your home, how much you want moved and how far you are travelling.

An estimate for a house removal covering up to 10 miles would be:

Size of house
Average cost

1 or 2 bedroom home

3 bedroom home

4 bedroom home

5 bedroom home

This does not include the cost of packing your belongings or dismantling and re-assembly of things like beds or wardrobes.

The cost of the packing service, you would expect to pay an additional £250 for this plus an extra cost of around £125 for dismantling and re-assembly  

Help with removal costs
If you are claiming benefits or are on a low income you may be able to get some financial assistance to help you move to your new home. You may be able to apply for a:


Struggling with your mental health?
Moving home, or applying for a home, can be stressful and have an impact on your mental wellbeing.

If you are struggling with your mental health, you can find out about the resources available to you by clicking here.