Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about Wheatley? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) first to see if we can help with an answer.

MyHousing is the new, online housing information, advice and letting service from Wheatley Group. You'll get personalised and honest advice to help you make the right choices about housing. You'll discover if you have priority for social housing with us – or if you should consider other options. You'll also find available homes for rent for the Group's housing associations: Wheatley Homes GlasgowWheatley Homes East and Loretto Housing. As it's online, customers can use the site 24/7.

After you have answered a few questions, you will receive your Housing Options plan. If, after this, you decide to go ahead and apply, please register. It’s easy to do on your mobile or computer. If you need any support, contact us on 0800 561 0055.

You can contact us in a number of ways:

  • using our contact form
  • by phone on 0800 561 0055
  • by requesting a visit from a housing officer

Wheatley Group supports free Click & Connect computer centres across the central belt. Click on the link to find your nearest Click & Connect centres. You can also get online for free in your local library.

Customers asked us to be honest with them about their chances of getting a home with us. You'll get personalised and honest advice about finding the right home for you. We'll also signpost you to a range of housing options which suit your needs. You'll discover if you have priority for social housing with us – or if you should consider other options.

Customers told us they like the way our homes are advertised, but they don’t always understand the way we allocate our homes or understand their chances of success. MyHousing gives customers a better understanding of the priority Bands.

People who are considered to be in the greatest need get priority

We let our homes to meet the requirements of the law and our policies. 33% of our homes will be allocated to statutory homeless households. In MyHousing we:

  • give affordability priority where a move would alleviate financial difficulties
  • offer local moves – promoting community sustainment and making the best use of our homes and reducing the need for adaptations
  • offer access to new-builds
  • give higher priority for under-occupation allowing customers to move from homes which have become too large for them
  • support all types of domestic abuse including financial
  • give overcrowding priority for any child over the age of 10.

We are required by law to let our homes to those most in housing need. We give preference to certain groups, including statutory homeless people, people who are living in overcrowded houses, those who are occupying houses which don't meet the tolerable standard and those who have large families and people living under unsatisfactory housing conditions.

People placed in Band F have no priority for housing with us are unlikely to secure a home with us. We will advise these customers to consider other housing options, including with Lowther Homes – our subsidiary that specialises in mid-market and market homes – or the private rented sector.

We can direct customers to other Registered Social Landlords, to Lowther Homes – our subsidiary that specialises in mid-market and market homes – or the private rented sector or home ownership options.

We will help older customers living in larger homes move to smaller more affordable homes. We'll give priority to our customers who would otherwise have to remain in hospital due to lack of appropriate housing. In addition, we're building a number of homes suitable for older people and these will have design elements suitable for older people. We can offer a package of support through our older people services called Livingwell including Alertacall which helps customers remain independent longer.

  • Direct Debit –simple to set up and the most hassle-free way to pay your rent. Your payment will come off your bank account on a date and at a frequency that suits you. If you don’t have a bank account, we can help you get one. Set up a Direct Debit using your online services account. If you need help getting set up, give us a call.
  • Online services –an online account is a quick and easy way to pay online. You're in control. It's secure and 24/7.
  • By phone –Call us 24/7 week to pay by debit or credit card
  • Housing Benefit –If you receive full housing benefit, your rent payment is likely to be paid to us directly by Glasgow City Council. If you receive partial housing benefit, you are responsible for paying the rest. Speak to your housing officer if you need any advice.

Rent is paid as soon as you receive the keys to your new home. Rent is due every four weeks. You can choose to pay each week, fortnight, four-weekly or monthly or you may have an agreed arrangement with your housing officer. If you move on to Universal Credit please contact us as soon as possible. We can help.

If you are a current tenant and want to move to another of our homes then you will need a clear rent account. Please get in touch with your housing officer to discuss your options.