Number of bedrooms

The number of bedrooms and the size of home depends on your individual housing needs.

We will allow one bedroom for:

  • the applicant / applicant and partner
  • a single adult (aged 16 and over)
  • any child 10 years of age and over
  • any two children under 10 years of age
  • any other couple/partners.

Two adults of the same sex can share a bedroom where they prefer.

Find out more about the number of bedrooms households need and the size of home you can apply for below:

Household description Size of home (Number of bedrooms)
Single person/couple Bedsit, 1, 2
Couple/single parent with one child or two children under the age of 10 2
Couple/single parent with two children where one is under the age of 10 and one is 10 or over 3
Family with up to four children under the age of 10 3
Family with four children 3 or 4
Family with four adult children 4 or more