Rent for two homes

If you receive Housing Benefit or Universal Credit you normally only get financial support for one home at a time. However, there are some circumstances where you may have rent paid for more than one home. 

These circumstances are:

If you get Housing Benefit:

  •  Moving home - If you are moving from one home to another and there is an overlap between the end of your old tenancy and the start of your new one, it may be possible to get Housing Benefit to pay for both rents for a maximum of four weeks. You will have to show you could not avoid the overlap, for example you had to accept the entry date for your new home, but still had to give your current landlord notice.
  •  Leaving home because of fear of violence - If you have left your home because of fear of violence from within your home, from an ex-partner, someone who has lived in your home, a former family member, from neighbours or fear of racial attacks on your home, you can get Housing Benefit paid for your old home and the home you are now staying in for a maximum of one year.  However, to be eligible you must:
    • intend to return to your old home;
    • be liable to pay rent for your old home and the home you are currently staying; and
    • it’s reasonable to meet the rents on both properties.
  •  Large families - If you have a large family which is housed in two separate houses because there isn’t a home large enough to accommodate your whole family, you can get Housing Benefit for both homes. There is no time limit on this providing you continue to occupy both houses. 
  •  Waiting for adaptations to be done - If you can’t move into your new home until adaptations are done because you, or someone you live with, is disabled. If you are already in a rented house you can apply to receive housing benefit for the home you are currently living in (old home) and your new home for a maximum period of one month.

How to apply for Housing Benefit for two homes

Housing Benefits for two homes is not given automatically. You will need to write to your local council’s Housing Benefit Department to apply. You should also check your local council’s website as some councils have an online form you can complete.

If you get Universal Credit:

How to apply for Universal Credit for two homes

Universal Credit housing costs are not given automatically for two homes. If you are already in receipt of Universal Credit you should apply for Universal Credit housing costs for two homes through your journal.

If you do not have a journal you will need to contact the Universal Credit helpline:

  • Telephone: 0800 328 5644;
  • Textphone: 0800 328 1344;
  • Relay UK (if you cannot hear or speak on the phone): 18001 then 0800 328 5644; and
  • Video relay service for British Sign Language (BSL) users.

If you are a tenant of Wheatley Homes Glasgow, Loretto, Wheatley Homes East or Wheatley Homes South and need help then please contact your housing officer and ask for an appointment with a welfare benefits advisor.

If you are not currently a tenant with us, you should contact Citizens Advice or your local council’s Welfare Benefits Team.